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one-page-dungeon-contestThere’s only 10 days left to get your adventure together for the 2015 One Page Dungeon Contest. I’ve been a winner and a runner up in past years, but this year instead of entering into the contest I’m offering prize support.

There are print copies of Dyson’s Delves I & II up in the prize pool, and you know you want them. Well, not to mention the $500 grand prize, a gorgeous copy of the classic TSR Boot Hill RPG, and a bunch of other RPG products and smaller cash prizes.

Also, if you really need a bit of inspiration, you can go over to my Commercial Maps page and see if any of the seven maps there give you an itch to write up a one-page-dungeon with them. While you can’t use the other maps on the blog (because the contest requires that you release your dungeon under the Creative Commons license), those seven maps are available for any use, including this contest (and you can remix, mashup, chop, mangle, fold, spindle, and mutilate the maps as much as you like to make them work for your entry).

So stop staring at the screen, get creating and enter into the contest! There’s cool shit to be won, and you are also providing a great resource for DMs who use the One Page Dungeon Contest releases every year for their adventure ideas.