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broken moon by zacky7avenged.deviantart.com

broken moon by zacky7avenged.deviantart.com

There are 12 moons of various sizes and shapes that grind across the firmament of the salt flats. During the day 1d12-6 (minimum of zero) will be visible and at night an additional d6 will make the trek across the stained heavens.

While running a session on the Salt Flats, it is best to have a moon tracking chart on the table so you can easily reference what moons are visible (this would be a sheet of paper with the 12 moons and their rules and a place to put a die or coin to mark which moons are currently visible). Even better though, Paolo Greco has agreed that a dozen playing cards with the illustration of the moon and the rules for each will be included with the print run of Snail Lords of the Salt Flats.

The Red Moon
A spherical planetoid the colour of rust, this moon is a slow traveler across the firmament, often staying in the sky for days at a time, but generally keeping close to the horizon. It is said to be the original home of the Council of Pain.
When visible, the red moon grants all frog women of the council of pain a +1 bonus on weapon and spell damage rolls.

The White Moon
A crisp white satellite of the salt flats, the white moon is most like the moon of the modern age. Said to be made of silver, the white moon is linked to truthsayers and interrogations.
Magics that charm or force others to speak the truth or lies are saved against at -2 when the white moon is visible.

The Shattered Egg
This appears to have once been an off-white spherical object like many of the other moons. But something tore it asunder and cracks can be seen right through it, as if it were only held together by the sheer effort it would take to truly disintegrate. The Shattered Egg is an omen of violence.
All weapons and spells that deal damage deal one additional point of damage when the shattered egg is visible.

Teril’s Lanthorn
Probably the smallest of the satellites, it is impossible to tell what it actually is because it emits a brilliant blue light over its entire surface. It did not exist a decade ago – it suddenly flared into existence over the salt flats and proceeded to swing around the skies at a fast pace. It is seen as a sign of change.
All saving throws by lawful creatures are at -1 while the lanthorn is visible.

The Snail’s Egg
A wee little green moon, the snail’s egg is an omen of fertility and luck for the crater states.
Snail lords and those currently aligned with them gain +1 morale and +1 on saves versus magic.

The Twins
A blue-green misty planetoid with its own smaller dark smudge of a moon, the twins are probably the furthest satellites of this world. It is said they only appeared for the first time a few hundred years ago which supposedly coincides with the arrival of the Crystals of Arhald upon the salt flats. The twins are symbols of temperance and wisdom.
All non-chaotic creatures gain a +1 bonus to saving throws against magic while the Twins are visible.

Priest’s Folly
A dark blue pyramid slowly tumbling through the heavens. Some claim there is an eye staring down from it. It is said to aid in divination.
Divination spells are cast as if the caster were 2 levels higher when the Priest’s Folly is visible.

Spider’s Chains
A mass of junk held together by barely-visible cables. Legends speak of it as a city in the sky, placed there by the men of old. It is a sombre reminder of the ages past and fallen crater states.
See the Giant’s Castle for effects.

The Giant’s Castle
Violet moon with many hexagonal and square lines visible on the surface, it is said to be home to a race of giants, perhaps the humans of legend.
If both the Giant’s Castle and the Spider’s Chains are visible, all saving throws against the magics of the Snail Lords are made with a +4 bonus.

Solomon’s Key
A nearly black sphere with glowing red cracks, Solomon’s Key is where foul demons are said to reside.
Spells that deal with the infernal are cast at +1 caster level when Solomon’s Key is visible.

The Imposter
Looking almost identical to the Priest’s Folly, the Imposter is slightly smaller and brighter and is said to brings foul fortune to those it stares down upon.
All saving throws except those against spells are made at a -1 penalty while the Imposter is visible.

The Witch’s Cauldron
Storm clouds move across this pale blue and green moon in constantly changing colours and patterns.
Summoned, animated and enchanted creatures gain +1 on attack rolls and saving throws while the Witch’s Cauldron is visible.