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Another Kevin Campbell piece for this Sunday. My love of Kevin’s work includes his free approach to angles, building maps that are more rounded or triangular than the traditional grid-based dungeon maps we grow accustomed to in RPGs. So what happens when Kevin attacks a sheet of graph paper in his particular style?

Kevin Campbell's Classic Dungeon Level 1

Kevin Campbell’s Classic Dungeon Level 1

I enjoy that the entrance to the lower level of the dungeon is right there by the entrance to this level, and of course love all his little greebles – blocks and circles that add detail without actually “being” anything specific. My only complaint would be that it is not immediately obvious which way various stairs on the level go – which end is up and which is down – without looking around to see if the areas after the stairs are above or below the areas before the stairs based on the overlaps.

As with all of Kevin’s maps presented here, this remains the copyright of Kevin Campbell and is reproduced here with permission. He grants license for use of the map for personal use only.