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We’re running a DCC game with rotating DMs. With DCC, the various long term- and side- effects of magic items are often undisclosed to the player that carries the item. However, with rotating DMs this can be difficult. So we’ve decided that characters will end up carrying their items on special cards that each DM can read before he runs those characters.

Downside is that the player now knows the full side effects of the stuff he’s carrying.

Upside is less confusion.

Other upside? Pretty certificates!

Certificate Background

Certificate Background

I put this graphic together for our DCC certificates. Printed 4 to a page (they fit just about perfectly 4 side-by-each on a letter page turned to landscape orientation) they almost feel like bookmarks. Put the name of the item in the top scroll, image in the blank space, stats in the big piece of paper, and who gave out the certificate and where it is from in the little box at the bottom.

Here’s a set of sample ones I threw together to test out the system:

Sample Certificates

Sample Certificates

The last three sample certificates use art from Tazio Bettin under the cc-by-sa license. The first uses artwork by V.Shane.

Please, feel free to use the cert background wherever / however you want it. Heck, I’ll release it under the license I usually use for my free commercial licensed maps. Feel free to ignore the Attribution part if you are just putting together a set of play aids for personal use, this is just for those of you who decide to post those play aids to public places for the random folks of the interwebz to find them.

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