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Earlier today I posted the Seven Secret Maps that I mailed off at the beginning of the month to an unsuspecting Badger. Now I can tell you that I did this as part of a much larger plan of terror. Originally I was going to hold this post off until tomorrow, but the Badger has figured it out. And I was scooped by another blog too!

The Seven Secret Maps can be assembled into four basic “sets” of maps that I used when I was drawing them, as such:

Already with them in their “proper” places, I feel there’s a good chance some of you have already figured out the secret. But for those that haven’t, here’s what happens when you overlay them:

Secret Map Stack

Secret Map Stack

At this point it is pretty academic, but let’s also throw in the colours that were described for the floors on the original maps I posted yesterday:

Secret Maps - Stacked & Coloured

Secret Maps – Stacked & Coloured

And then take away the hatching and the walls….

Secret Maps, Floors Only

Secret Maps – Coloured Floors Only

And the Secret Dungeon of Ponies is revealed!

You see, there are “some people” in the RPG community who are engaged in what has become known as “the #PonyWar” and I was recruited into it by Eric & Stephanie Franklin and worked up this elaborate map set for Jason Paul “the Badger” McCartan of Infinibadger Games & OSRToday.

It was a riot to put together.