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A couple of months ago this photoshopped image showed up on google+ with a challenge for the mappers present to take a try at it.


It’s a bad photoshop of the beautiful Phuktal Monastery in India with a waterfall added to it for ridiculous effect. However, based on it I drew the following simplification on my isometric pad:

Isometric View

Isometric View

From that isometric view I isolated each floor and drew a top-down view of each one.

Top View

Top View

And finally, here’s one graphic of the two combined:

Combined View

Combined View

There’s no gridded version of this map, I’m sorry. (you could add a grid yourself if you have the patience).


This map is made available for your free use thanks to the amazing patrons of the Dodecahedron Patreon Campaign that keeps me fed and sheltered while I draw these fancy doodads for your enjoyment. Awesome people like Louis Counter, John Stater, Shane King, Luka Rejec, Jim White, and over 200 others!

One step further – because of the incredible generosity of my patrons, I’m able to make this set of maps free for commercial use also. Each month while funding is over the $300 mark, each map that achieves the $300+ funding level will be released under this free commercial license. You can use, reuse, remix and/or modify the maps that are being published under the commercial license on a royalty-free basis as long as they include attribution (“Cartography by Dyson Logos” or “Maps by Dyson Logos”).

For those that want/need a Creative Commons license, it would look something like this:

Creative Commons LicenseCartography by Dyson Logos is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Again, this shouldn’t need repeating, but this only applies to the maps in this post!

So enjoy! Kabus Retreat (or whatever name you give it in your games) is yours to do with as you please, personally or commercially!