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Last month I indicated that I was drawing maps for Kabuki Kaiser’s next book – Castle Gargantua. The trick about these maps is not only are they gridded, they represent areas where the squares are 60 feet across instead of the normal 10 feet per square for old school play or 5 foot squares for new school play.

Castle Gargantua Set 2

Castle Gargantua Set 2

The harder part is getting that vibe across. For some of the maps that’s easy because they have a mix of giant-sized furniture (drawn as if the squares were 10′ squares) and human-sized furniture (drawn with the 60′ square in mind). The map on the left has this nice mix in it – with human sized statues in the first room, and some giant-scaled furniture (both whole and ruined) in some of the other rooms. The map on the right though could be just about anywhere.

In the end I think it works – maybe not as well for these two maps as for some of the ones from the first set.

Personally, I can’t wait to run a game where I have to keep impressing to the players that the place is so huge that their torches illuminate only a single square on the map at a time.