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It honestly feels like I’ve been drawing this city map forever. I’m pretty sure the person I drew it for would agree. Finally done… and of course I drew it on 11 x 14 inch paper, so it’ll be a pain in the ass to scan too.

City Map in Progress

City Map in Progress

But it is done. And so is the even larger map of the undercity dungeons. Now I just need to draw the “Old City” ruins that lie between the undercity and the city itself and have become the city’s sewers and garbage disposal.

Now on to the Kickstarter idea!

I’m still in the planning stages for the Dyson’s Deck of Delves Kickstarter (for a deck of cards that can be used as Dungeon Geomorphs and/or playing cards), but I’m looking at a smaller Kickstarter to get my feet wet:

Beer Coaster Catacombs

Beer Coaster Catacombs

Based on the awesomeness of +Peter Regan‘s beer coasters, I’m going to do a run of 6 or 12 beer coaster geomorphs with my maps on them.

The issue becomes one of theme and numbers. I need to sell 100 units to make this work at minimum, 250 if I actually want to make it worth doing again. So I’m looking at either 6 or 12 coasters per set at a price of roughly $8 per set for 6 or $15 per set for 12. (Plus shipping)

But the coasters should have a theme. I’ve done a lot of reading and fiddling with the concepts of the Paris and Rome catacombs over the last year and I THINK that’s where I’ll go with the first set. But I’d like some input. For that, I started a poll over on Google+ – in order to keep from having duplicate results on my poll, I would ask you to head over there and submit your vote (yes, it means you need to have a Google account, but it also means I get a more accurate accounting of the general consensus).