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Asymmetric Temple - Topside (with grid)

Asymmetric Temple – Topside (with grid)

Since the beginning of March I’ve been playing in an Empire of the Petal Throne campaign using the classic 1975 rules set. At one point some drawings of temples were shown, and one player pointed out that the temples to one of the death gods of the setting are typically asymmetric.

Combined with the majority of the temple being underground in our adventures in Tekumel, I started drawing up this temple which I’m finally posting today.

Asymmetric Temple - Topside (no grid)

Asymmetric Temple – Topside (no grid)

This is the above-ground levels of “The Asymmetric Temple”. The main level is waiting rooms, conference rooms, minor shrines for sacrifices and worship and so on. Right in the front entrance, however, is a ramp leading down under the temple to where the main activities of the church take place. There are very few doors in the temple in order to encourage air flow and to get the most benefit from the cool air of the lower levels.

The upper level of the temple isn’t accessible from this area and is generally thought of as being a large ornamental chunk of rock by most who are unaware of the stairwell that leads between it and the basement of the temple. There is a small chamber here for keeping important prisoners or refugees away from the general populace of the temple, as well as a large chamber that works as a combination of shrine and library where the rarer books of the temple are kept.


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