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Some of the most “classic” maps on the blog that really defined the “Dyson style” were fairly small dungeons spread over multiple levels with a side view map to indicate how they connected.

Sparrow's Fort (with grid)

Sparrow’s Fort (with grid)

I realized recently that it has been quite a while since I’ve drawn such a map. So I sat down with my trusty 5 square per inch graph paper and my Sakura Microns and drew up a new one, straight to pen in my classic style (no pussyfooting around with pencil roughs and drafts – let’s make a map!)

Work in Progress

Work in Progress

I made this one a little more convoluted than my typical two-view map and had a bit of fun with it – to the point where it didn’t quite fit on the one sheet of graph paper. The only potentially confusing part, IMO, is the ruined tower basement from the side view, which is the room on the lower left with all the debris in it on map section D.

Sparrow's Fort (no grid)

Sparrow’s Fort (no grid)

What goes on in Sparrow’s Fort now? It may look deserted and ruined, but the structure is actually carefully maintained to that appearance by Duke Thorfeld’s men in order to maintain a secret dungeon facility where they can detain and interrogate political enemies and other undesirables, as well as act as a base of operations for their clerical inquisition teams.


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