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A few weeks ago I failed a Will save (or perhaps a Save Vs Spells) and bought a near-mint condition World of Greyhawk boxed set for $20 at my FLGS. (Have I mentioned how much my FLGS kicks ass? Seriously, read that first sentence again, I bought a World of Greyhawk boxed set published in 1983 off the shelf of my gaming store. It was sitting right beside a selection of James Bond 007 adventure module boxed sets, still in their shrink wrap. Also, when I say $20, I mean $20 Canadian, which at the time of purchase was $16.04 USD.)

Greyhawk 1983 Boxed Set

1. I don’t play games or run games using the Greyhawk setting, and don’t intend to.

2. I never actually owned this before, my cousin owned the Folio version and made me run a few games with it as the setting. I wasn’t my cuppa tea because I prefer my fantasy worlds to feel a little more Melnibonean.

But there is a solid reason that I did buy the box…

3. Fucking gorgeous map by Darlene in near mint condition. I’ve been using a scan of the Greyhawk map as an inspiration piece when working on my hex maps because of the lovely way she mixes the use of hex symbols and general regional map styles into one style. It is LOVELY.

So, as of yesterday morning, the boxed set no longer has the maps, and will promptly begin it’s task of collecting dust for a few years before I pass it along to someone else who needs it. This makes the boxed set a little sad, I’m sure.

Maps on the Wall

However, my wall now has two Darlene maps on it. This makes my wall both very happy, and VERY stylin’.