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This post is one of a series presenting the hexmaps of Baraloba and the areas around it. You can see the rest of the set here: [Baraloba and Environs].

A final map in my trilogy of experiments using the Squarehex mega hex mapping paper (as I write this again, I realize I have no idea what the actual name of this paper is…)

Six Mile Hex - the Slate Badlands

Six Mile Hex – the Slate Badlands

The badlands lurch up above the river, and show the signs of having once been lush forest and river lands themselves. Now dry and shattered, they are known to be home to a few minor tribes of goblinoids who generally war among themselves instead of bringing their trouble to Baraloba and the area. Few know that only a few miles from the river a black citadel has been built up from the slate wastelands – a marshaling point for the goblinoids under their new leadership.

On the north edge of the hex is the cave home of a small tribe of hill giants who once hunted the goblins of the area but who know work among them.

On the southern edge of the map is a small fort built into the edges of the Honeyed Forest by an enterprising knight who is working to tame both the badlands and the forest (but who is actually working for the same master as the goblinoids and who often hides goblinoid scouts and assassins within his walls).

Finally, a small hamlet continues its sleepy existence on the banks of the Golden River in a clearing in the Honeyed Forest, generally unaware of the world around it.

This hex sits above the first hex (Baraloba) and to the northeast of the second hex (the Honeyed Forest) that were posted last week. On a regular 6 mile hex it would have a badlands or hills tile marker and the thin line of the river running through it, possibly with the marker of the humanoid citadel in the midst of the badlands.