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This month really feels like it was the month of getting to know my compass. Today’s map is again very circular in flavour, even the extra details like the arcane glyphs in the experimental dome are circular.

The Mad Warlock's Dome & Tower

The Mad Warlock’s Dome & Tower

This map was 100% inspired by playing Fallout: New Vegas again. I wanted an experimental area with an office that oversees what’s going on in it. So this map is of a largish dome structure where the eponymous Mad Warlock conducts (or conducted) hir arcane experiments, attached to a four-story tower that protrudes above it from one side.

The Mad Warlock's Dome & Tower (no grid)

The Mad Warlock’s Dome & Tower (no grid)

The ground floor is the experimental area, the oversight chamber and office, a store room in the tower, and a secret chamber where the Mad Warlock keeps hir more secret and expensive experimental equipment.

The second floor of the tower has a single chamber that is used as a sleeping area for the staff employed here.

The third floor is the home of the Mad Worlock hirself with two closets and a retractable ladder leading up to the top level of the structure. The top level is mostly open to the elements (although still roofed), with four balconies / lookouts that look over the area.