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Along the wide banks of the Onur River are a number of small fortifications dating back to various Kale city states that were once the backbone of trade and travel along the river and the badlands to the east.

Pregello Fortress (with grid)

Pregello Fortress (with grid)

Originally a trio of towers, Pregello Fortress was constructed by Ezwer the Long on the ruins of older Kale structures. Pregello is a small fortress built up around two squat towers and a single towering spire that stands out over the Onur like a spike driven into the stony riverbanks. Now the property of Ezwer the Hunter, great-granddaughter of Ezwer the Long, it is maintained but rarely home to any of her kin as she spends most of her time at her primary residence in Kalis where she attends to the politics of the new noble class with ardor and intensity.

Pregello Fortress (no grid)

Pregello Fortress (no grid)

But of course, a quiet fortress maintained by a skeleton staff on a river does not make for much of an adventure (unless you are seeking specific styles of furniture manufactured by the local halfling populace around 75 years ago).

Lately those local halflings have started wondering what is going on up at the fortress. Word is that Ezwer the Slight has moved in along with a few less savoury companions. Certainly the staff of the fortress have been buying a lot more food and drink in town recently. And then in the last week strange wolf-like things have been tracked in the nearby forests and occasionally through farmers’ fields… Some believe that these beasts are foul servants of Ezwer the Slight, others postulate that these creatures hunt for the young man and his companions.


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