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“You’re walking in the woods. There’s no one around and your phone is dead. Out of the corner of your eye you spot him…

Shia Labeouf

He gets down on all fours and breaks into a sprint! He’s gaining on you!”

A couple of months ago, over on reddit’s RPG board ( www.reddit.com/r/RPG ), a brilliant man turned the viral Shia LaBeouf video by Rob Cantor ( link ) into a micro-RPG.

Realistically it is just an uber-simple system for a one-shot horror/chase game session, but the use of the memes from the video just makes it… perfect.

About a month ago, a mostly stable 0.7 version of the rules set was released to /r/ACSLB where it waits for you to run it for your loved ones.

Hell, here’s a quick Actual Play that was posted to the original ACSLB thread:

“In the corner, in the shadows, you see Shia Labouf, naked, crouched down and feasting on the innards of a Belgian Shepard. What do you do?”

“What? We doing this now?”

“He makes eye contact and dives into a sprint. What do you do?”

“I don’t know!”

“On all fours, he’s gaining fast. That dog tries to nip at him but he effortlessly breaks its neck and discards it, barely breaking his stride. What do you do?”

“I hide behind you!”

“Shia effortlessly rips my head from my neck, and grabs my shoulders so the bloodspurt sprays him directly in the face.”

“I don’t know if bodies do that.”

“Shia has found a way. He laughs maniacally and drinks directly from my neck stump for a second. Wiping his mouth, he throws my body aside. What do you do?”


“He bashes your head against the back of the bench. As you pass out you can feel him lifting you onto his shoulders. You wake up naked, wet, chained to a wall in his Shia Chamber. You hear low moans from cages in the shadow. In front of you is a table with assorted dismembered body parts. Shia stands before you, wearing a wig and an apron, butcher knife in hand, he asks ‘Which body part do you like least?’ And lifts the knife.”


Ok, enough reading. Head over to /r/ACSLB and get yourself a copy, maybe check out a few of the other actual plays out there…

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