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When noted on a map, most would expect the tiny village of Nesbitt-Hill to… well… be on a hill. In fact, the land around village is uniformly flat and hill-free. The small town was built up around an inn at the intersection of two trade roads – an inn established by Burgen Nesbitt-Hill and his family.



Nesbitt-Hill is a very small farming community with only two stone structures – the inn proper and the church just to the south – which are used as shelters in times of trouble. The other notable home in town is the Hanver house, which is slowly sliding into decrepitude (while the rest of the property is already well beyond that, with the old barn collapsed behind the house and new forest growing up where gardens and livestock were a generation ago). The current owner of Hanver house was a fairly successful adventurer who moved back home after finding more than enough money to keep him comfortable for the rest of his life.

Nesbitt-Hill (no text)

Nesbitt-Hill (no text)

I’ve provided a version of Nesbitt-Hill without the text so it can be repopulated and renamed to your convenience.


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