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Small and simple maps can often produce about one evening of play when you incorporate travel times, investigation and research and a few good twists and encounters once at the location in question. This particular map was designed for exactly that – being a small temple setup that exists along an underground stream that in turn is part of the ancient sewers beneath The Forbidden City (from the classic Dwellers in the Forbidden City module).

The Dawnflow Bridges (with grid)

The Dawnflow Bridges (with grid)

A mix of caves that have been smoothed out by years of bullywug infestation and old masonry maintained by priests and worshipers at the temples and shrines within – this little dungeon environment has everything but ruined areas to make it a complete dungeon experience – a river, high humidity, dank darkness (or is that dark dankness?), strange temples, weird frog-like creatures and even a pair of bridges to fight across.

The Dawnflow Bridges (no grid)

The Dawnflow Bridges (no grid)

This particular mini map was drawn in an A5 mapping book with 7mm grid from Squarehex.co.uk that I received for Christmas. I decided to do something unusual with this map though – I filmed the entire process of drawing it from the first rough ideas in pencil to the final bit of crosshatching.

You can watch the whole thing here in a 2-minute time lapse video:


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