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One thing with running the classic “Dwellers of the Forbidden City” module – there’s a lot of opportunity to draw up ruined and partially ruined temples and other buildings to scatter throughout the area as most of it is presented from above at a scale of 50 feet per square.

The Redstone Shrine

The Redstone Shrine

And since I’m running that module currently, I’ve started drawing up some of the buildings that I expect to have turn up during play. This one is a small shrine where the floors and interior surfaces are made of red granite blocks. It was a shrine to one of the forgotten gods of the Forbidden City, but if we knew to whom exactly, it wouldn’t be much of a forgotten god, right?

Late at night a few mongrelmen sneak out to the shrine (outside of their traditional territory) to engage in quiet contemplation and make offerings of food and herbs. They believe that the shrine was a birthing place of their race.

I’ve also recorded a short 8x speed video of me drawing this small map.

I don’t find the video for this one to be nearly as entrancing as the one from last week’s Dawnflow Bridges (mostly because of the reduced amount of crosshatching, I think). Still, it’s a nice view into my work, even for myself.