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In a departure from the norms of dungeon development (where foul goblinoids and monsters invade the subterranean works of other races), Lord Scart of the Hemron Coalition took over a series of crudely-cut but extensive goblin warrens and spent twelve years with a large team of engineers and sappers to establish Scart’s Hall.

Scart's Hall (with grid)

Scart’s Hall (with grid)

A combination of masonry and finished raw stone gives Scart’s Hall a finish similar to most surface castles, except (as most guards would point out) that it is even darker, colder and damper.

And far more confusing.

Being derived from a goblin warren, the structure twists and loops around itself and is split into multiple elevations, with a further winding stair leading down to a lower level of warrens and chambers.

Scart's Hall (no grid)

Scart’s Hall (no grid)

Thanks to the awesome support of the patrons of my Patreon campaign, this map is available for you for free for non-commercial use.