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Introduced earlier this week, Lord Scart of the Hemron Coalition was a name-level fighter who took over a series of insanely meandering and twisting goblin warrens and converted them into his base of operations known as Scart’s Hall.

A hundred and fifty feet beneath the meandering tunnels and chambers of the Hall are more warrens that were also converted into storage and barracks… and a descent into even deeper recesses under the earth.

Scart's Descent (with grid)

Scart’s Descent (with grid)

Like Scart’s Hall, the tunnels and chambers of the Descent are damp and confusing, but the temperature here is stable – unchanging from summer to winter. A stream of warm air constantly flows up from the lowest parts of the Descent, and while the door to the final section of the descent is always guarded against encroachment from below, it is made of a stout iron grating instead of being a solid door in order to keep the air flowing.

Scart's Descent (no grid)

Scart’s Descent (no grid)

Beneath the Descent there are unknown caverns and extended passages that the goblins who were here before would not enter. Scart and his companions explored the first few miles of these over the years as the hall was completed, but their experience only indicates that the depths continue on for untold miles and contain strange creatures and unexplained magical phenomenon.