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Temples, churches and religious structures tend to both be large (because they are built with the help of a whole community instead of a single person or family) and central to a lot of games (because in a world where gods have direct power over the world, it seems to make sense that their churches would wield significant power also).

Thus they make great game fodder.

The Temple of Marid Scurn

The Temple of Marid Scurn

This map is of a church and two nearby structures (although the northern structure didn’t quite fit on the page – you can assume the remainder is more dormitories and libraries).

The main structure is the temple proper, with some publicly accessible shelves of religious scrolls and similar on the right, a small chapel on the left, and various other chambers for priests, visitors and worshipers.

To the east of the temple are the office of the head of the temple and associates, and a dormitory for brothers in training, men at arms, and those loyal to the temple but too poor to offer more than their toil and bodies to the religion (and in some churches, a few paladins and low level clerics).


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