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While I have many a tower map on the blog, I seem to be lacking in ziggurats and stepped pyramids – wonderful constructions that evoke ancient civilizations, mysteries, and probably hidden treasures.

Dreaming Feather's Tomb - Upper Maps (with grid)

Dreaming Feather’s Tomb – Upper Maps (with grid)

Dreaming Feather's Tomb - Lower Map (with grid)

Dreaming Feather’s Tomb – Lower Map (with grid)

Dreaming Feather was one of the last rulers of the Dyonis Empire – shrugged off by most histories as a freak and sign of the end of the empire because she was a psionically gifted siamese twin who ruled for only nine years.

As one of the later rulers of the empire however, her tomb and temple remains in good shape to this day and the priesthood of the small city built up around it still conduct rituals and observances from the steps of the pyramid.

The pyramid has multiple entrances leading to different areas.

Area A is used for rituals and for private meetings with the faithful.

Area B is unknown to the priesthood and leads to the tombs and false tombs of the Dreaming Feather.

Area C is used as storage and emergency quarters for the priesthood and associates.

Area D is the crypts used by the priesthood. Originally the tombs of Dreaming Feather’s top 3 priests, the central crypt is home to the remains of a priest who was reviled after her death and is presumed by many to have been her assassin. As such, the new priesthood had no problems desecrating his crypt and digging a new set of crypts for their own elders behind it.

Area E is only reachable by a shaft that leads down 60 feet from area B above, and then bends and continues down a further 40 feet to area G. Secured by a massive stone portal, this is the tomb of Dreaming Feather’s chief adviser, and is well trapped and defended.

Area F is the actual tomb of Dreaming Feather, reached by a narrow chimney that climbs directly up 30 feet from the tombs below. The antechamber is still defended by a pair of psionic constructs.

Area G (which is shown on the sideview, but the overhead lacks the letter indicator – it’s the rooms and passages between sections E and F) are the tombs of Dreaming Feather’s various stuff. Baskets of food, boats, chariots, mummified horses, glorious peacocks, golden monkeys and more can be found down here.

Dreaming Feather's Tomb - Upper Maps (no grid)

Dreaming Feather’s Tomb – Upper Maps (no grid)

Dreaming Feather's Tomb - LowerMap (no grid)

Dreaming Feather’s Tomb – Lower Map (no grid)


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