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Yeah, the name isn’t very original…

There’s a structure in the Forbidden City with five small pyramids poking out of the roof. It was once either a museum or a temple – definitely a place where people came to contemplate (their history, their gods, all of the above?)

The east side of the structure is partially collapsed, with one wing having almost fully given way and crashed down into the street.

Ha'Tak Temple

Ha’Tak Temple

The five pyramids in turn were taken over by the local dwellers as nests for their giant wasps – each pyramid is now a mass of mud and paper that held a number of giant wasps before the area was contested by the newest dwellers in the city.

The most recent dwellers in the city are also the weakest, but proved that they are not to be underestimated. When harassed by the grippli upon their giant wasp mounts, the latest arrivals (bullywugs) began a guerrilla action to wipe out the wasp nests closest to their homes. These ruins were the scene of one of these actions, and the long-dead exoskeletons of poisoned wasps still litter the area.

Ha'Tak Temple (no grid)

Ha’Tak Temple (no grid)


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I would also recommend changing the name, as the current name is that of the Goa’uld motherships in the Stargate franchise.