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Here’s my first draft attempt at a Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls character sheet based on the one in the new rulebooks.

Deluxe T&T Character Sheet

Deluxe T&T Character Sheet

For now, since it is still in draft format, this is just a JPG version. When I finalize the design I’ll post a PDF for downloading also.

I was originally going to make a 7.5e T&T character sheet to start running a game at home, but the decision to do so coincided to the day with the release of the new Deluxe T&T rules by good old Ken St. Andre. So I asked him for a copy of the character sheet from the new edition (and got one from one of his tech crew as well as a copy from Erik Tenkar of Tenkar’s Tavern).

And today I finally finished off my first draft design.

Anything on here that screams to be changed / adjusted / revised / thrown out?