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There’s so much awesome out there for maps these days. I’ll be honest here – if I stopped drawing new maps today, I could run games for the rest of my life just using my own collection. If I were to ignore my whole collection, I could instead just grab maps from a few other cartographers and keep playing with their stuff.

Hell, in a few of the cases my players wouldn’t even notice I was using other people’s maps. 😉

Check out this piece from Billy Longino:

Billy Longino's Hill Dungeon

Billy Longino’s Hill Dungeon

It was early this year that his maps started appearing on Reddit citing my tutorials as his starting point. I dare say his stuff is at least as good as what I’m drawing most of the time and you can check out the rest of his brilliance over at MegaDungeon.

I’ve also mentioned Adam Rizevski’s Labyrinth Lord maps and blog in the past, and he keeps at it with a new map almost every week. Here’s one of his recent maps, Fort Narin:

Adam Rizevski's Fort Narin

Adam Rizevski’s Fort Narin

Adam and I used to game together in 2009-2010, and he maintains his blog of Labyrinth Lord house rules, adventures, and DIY content that receives way too little notice in the DIY sphere over at The Dais and Column.

Finally, as I was writing this little appreciation of cartographers working in my style, I got a message on FaceBook from Steve Clarkson who is running the 5e starter set adventure right now (The Lost Mines of Phandelver) and who took my player map of Cragmaw Castle and built up the walls and introduced bits and bobs to fill in the map as the players explore it. It looks like this now:


Which, once again, is completely AWESOME.


Also, this is my 1337th post to this blog. Which makes it totally leet.