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A companion piece to the Red and Pleasant Map I posted on Tuesday, this map was inspired by the gardens of Voivodja. A city block-sized chunk of city, surrounded by streams with a few bridges connecting it to its neighbours. While mostly covered in greenery and small trees, the remnants of the city below are more clear here than in most gardens, with a few entrances into the city itself as well as visible walls and towers.

A Green and Pleasant Map

A Green and Pleasant Map

When I was drawing this I pictured a group of adventurers encountering a hunting party here – teleporting in through the devilish face built into the wall near the top of the map (after all, the vampires among the hunting party cannot travel here across the bridges, so they need other routes to enter the garden).

They are hunting a wounded and grounded kirin that some believe has hidden itself here. If the party does not get involved in the hunt (on either side), when they return to the surface there will be a grand party underway, with various vampires enjoying the bloodied chunks of the once noble beast they have slain, while taunting the child in the well.

I hope to draw a few maps of interior sections underneath this map. We’ll see if that actually gets done though.

This map was particularly challenging – like the Red and Pleasant Map, it was drawn on a ledger sheet of isometric graph paper which is too big to fit on my scanner plate. Unlike the Red and Pleasant Map, it is a lot more conventional so I had to keep track of proper geometry and I put a LOT of extra detail into this one.

(Originally the hunting party was after a “kirin with a broken wing” because my group in high school had misinterpreted Trampier’s classic kirin illustration as having wings on the front of the chest…)