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There’s this #DRAWLLOWEEN thing going around on some blogs and social media and I decided to jump in on it.

I have repeatedly stated to various persons and venues that I wish I was a better illustrator / sketcher / drawer of anything besides dungeons. Well… the reality is that my cartography is not a talent, it is a skill. It is a skill that I’ve been working on for years and the results of these years of work shows through in my maps now.

So if I want to be able to draw, I should practice that too, right?

So, I’m taking the #drawlloween challenge and try drawing something halloweeny every day this month, and try to make it all gaming-relevant at some level.

Day 1 – Ghost

The challenge on the first day (when I jumped in on this) was to draw a ghost. I waffled on how to do this and finally settled on a ghostly dragon. I drew the piece using a black 0.7mm gel pen and a fine point Sharpie marker.

I love the look of mischief-making on his face, and I think I managed to get the whispiness of the wings across to make it obvious that this isn’t a living dragon.


Drawlloween #1 - Ghost

Drawlloween #1 – Ghost

Day 2 – Devil

This one is distinctly different  in some ways, and yet very similar in others.

I put a lot more detail work in with the pen for his skin and horns and flames, but at the same time I stuck to a facial profile and the use of whispy lines and white for smoke / fire. I’m thinking I’ll try sticking to this same general style for the entire set of Drawlloween works.

Again, drawn with a 0.7mm gel pen and a fine point Sharpie marker.

Drawlloween #2 - Devil

Drawlloween #2 – Devil