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Here’s the results of my first week of Drawlloween. As I said when I started, I’m doing this to get practiced and comfortable trying to draw illustrations – to spread my wings a bit now that I’m as comfortable as I am with my cartography and even some side views of my structures.

Drawlloween #1 - Ghost

Drawlloween #1 – Ghost

Drawlloween #2 - Devil

Drawlloween #2 – Devil

Drawlloween #3 - Goblin

Drawlloween #3 – Goblin

Drawlloween #4 - Vampire

Drawlloween #4 – Vampire

Drawlloween #5 - Werewolf

Drawlloween #5 – Werewolf

Drawlloween #6 - Pumpkin

Drawlloween #6 – Pumpkin

Drawlloween #7 - Haunted House

Drawlloween #7 – Haunted House

I’m happy with all of these. Some I’m downright excited by and proud of.  All were drawn on plain white paper (pulled out of the printer) using a black 0.7mm gel pen and a black Fine Point Sharpie marker (which died towards the end of the entry I drew today which I’ll be posting next week).