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I don’t normally spread a big map release over several months, but this one I seem to be taking my damned sweet time at. The goal is to draw up a dungeon based upon unreasonably large hallways. The kind of thing that makes little sense from a construction point of view, but produces epic vistas for running battles and exploration

The Giants' Halls (map 1)

The Giants’ Halls (map 1)

In all there will be four maps in this set. I just finished the second one a few days ago and it will go live in November, probably along with the third. When all four are done and posted I’ll probably retroactively go in and make them all commercially licensed maps.

Years of playing “old school” means that I think in 10′ squares, making the major halls 30 and 40 feet wide, but they can also still be used with a 5′ grid, still making them quite large for halls and bringing the size of the rooms and side passages down. But that would also conflict with the idea of this being a massive underground structure of giants.

The Giants' Halls (no grid)

The Giants’ Halls (no grid)

I’m particularly enamoured with the secret passages on this map that go around the edges and underneath various areas.



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