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by Dyson Logos (v1.2 – revised Oct 22)

Two_DruidsDruids of the Old Gods act as the behind the scenes leaders and spiritual advisors to the barbarian tribes. They are the rough and sometimes insane equivalents to viziers and advisors, and occasionally actually take the reins of leadership when other paths have failed to please their ancient patrons. They are worshippers of ancient earth deities – titans, gaeans, the horned god, animal gods and other ancient patrons that are associated with nature. They engage in ancient rituals to communicate with their patrons and to teach and guide their flock – from scrying and travelling through massive cauldrons, to the sacrificial wicker men to gain holy favour in times of war and bad harvest.

Like all druidic circles, a druid can choose this circle at level 2 instead of the ones presented in the Player’s Handbook.


Spirit Companion

When you choose this circle at 2nd level, you learn the Find Familiar spell and can cast it as a ritual. This spell does not count against any limit of spells known or prepared per day and does not require a spell slot to cast. For more information on the abilities of familiars, the types of creatures that can be familiars, and the link between the druid of the old gods and the familiar, consult the spell on page 240 of the Player’s Handbook.

Bonus Proficiencies

When you choose this circle at 2nd level, you gain two additional proficiencies from the following: History, Intimidation, Religion, Persuasion

Circle Spells

Your dedication to the old gods grants you access to certain spells. At 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th level you gain access to the following spells. These spells do not count against any limit of spells known or prepared per day and you gain access to them as druid spells even if they do not normally appear on the druid spell list.

Lvl      Circle Spells
3rd      Heroism, Enthrall
5th      Clairvoyance, Speak with Dead
7th      Conjure Woodland Beings, Divination
9th      Legend Lore, Scrying

Spiritual Aid

Druids of the old gods surround themselves with minor spirits that are more slaves to their will than friendly companions. Starting at 6th level, the Circle of the Old Gods druid receives a number of Spiritual Aid dice equal to their Wisdom modifier (minimum of one). Whenever making any ability check, attack roll or saving throw, the druid can roll a Spiritual Aid die and add it to the result. The choice to roll the die can be made before or after rolling the d20, but only one Spiritual Aid die can be used per roll. These dice are d8s initially, increasing to d10 at 11th level and d12 at 16th level.

Spiritual Aid dice can also be granted to others, but this requires an action and concentration from the druid to initiate the ability to do so, and then as long as the druid takes this action (Spiritual Aid) each round thereafter, he can give others his own Spiritual Aid dice as a reaction after their d20 roll has been made.

Spiritual Aid dice are recovered after a long rest.

Ancient Gravitas

By 10th level, the druid’s connection to the elder gods manifests by adding weight and gravitas to the druid’s pronouncements. As long as the druid still has at least one Spiritual Aid die remaining, all Charisma checks are made with Advantage.

Manifest Spirits of the Old Gods

At 14th level, a druid of the Circle of the Old Gods may call for aid from their servants. By expending two uses of Wild Shape, the druid may instead cast Conjure Elemental or Conjure Fey without having it as a prepared spell or expending any spell slots or requiring any components. The spell is cast as if using a spell slot of the highest level available to the druid.