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I drew the map of Cinder Crag in 2008, after having used it in a campaign in 2001 and then went on to use it again in two different campaigns in 2009. Then I posted it to the blog in 2011 along with the backstory from it’s use in the 2009 campaigns: Ember Crag – A Recurring Volcanic Dungeon


And I got to break it out again tonight as the party went looking for the token of the god of the Bullywugs in my 5e campaign that is currently running through the classic 1981 module “Dwellers of the Forbidden City” (with a few sidequests and locations).

I gave them a treasure map last game and they went on their way to area G where the token and a great magical weapon were waiting for them. Normally as they cross around the main caldera I have a fire giant lob boulders at parties from the platform D. With 5e, the fire giant was a pretty serious threat to a party of 3 level 5-6 characters, so I kept the range at 100′, so the fire giant’s boulders would be thrown with disadvantage.

First toss? Double 20s. Squished the warlock for 58 damage with a single hit.

After some panicking, heavy spell use (it’s an all caster party – SithLock, Holy Sorcerer, and Bard), they got through, killed the salamander in complex G to get the magic spear, triggered the traps in the room marked G to get the token of the bullywug’s god (a huge pearl 18 inches across), and then found themselves basically trapped because the angry fire giant was blocking the path they had taken to get in. They ended up in F negotiating safe with a Xorn for passage through the Azer domain of B.

Then they got back to the Bullywugs (shadowed by mongrelmen) where King Kroad was all excited that they could present the token to their god itself. He had himself and the party painted up in ritual paints and jewelry and headed to the lagoon where the god showed up just at sunset…

A massive dragon uncoiling from the lagoon.

“Fuckers STOLE my egg?!!”

Cut. Roll initiative next session. 🙂