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This… is a mighty tall tower.

Here are the 8 levels of the Shattered Tower that are above the break at level 5 of the structure. These levels float in the air above the base of the tower, slowly lifting and falling by about 18 inches vertically and maybe 12 inches side to side. The structure defies gravity, but seems anchored to this physical locus, unable and unwilling to be moved elsewhere.

The lower 5 levels and the sideview are posted here: The Shattered Tower, Lower Levels.

The Shattered Tower - Upper Levels (grid)

The Shattered Tower – Upper Levels (grid)

For ages there was no connection between the lower and upper levels of the tower, but recently someone hung a rope ladder down from the upper levels. At one point the rope ladder would be raised when not in use, but now it just hangs there, seemingly abandoned like the rest of the structure.

The external areas of the upper levels are home to two different flying beasts that have come to some sort of compromise and rarely fight among themselves – on the topmost balcony nests a family of wyverns, and the lower two balconies are home to a clamour of harpies who remain frustrated at the arcane locks that keep them out of the structure proper – however some do wander into the tower levels via the open stairwell on level 10.

The Shattered Tower - Upper Levels (no grid)

The Shattered Tower – Upper Levels (no grid)

Access to the mid levels is through the floor of level 6 (via the ladder that hangs from the hole in the floor), or the stairwell at the top of level 10 which has no ceiling. Access to the upper structures (levels 11, 12 and 13) is either by flying to the wyvern-infested landing of level 11, or figuring out how to reactivate the teleporter system that used to move people between levels 10 & 11.


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