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Towers. Can’t have enough towers. This particular tower was inspired by a request by Louis Brenton for a tower concealing a secret cult meeting area.

Brenton’s Watch is an old watchtower, one of dozens scattered along the borders of the old Andlic Kingdom. Now it is basically an abandoned stump of stone about an hour outside of Treffinor. Far enough away that no one cares, and close enough that people can still get there quietly and without too much preparation.

Brenton's Watch (with grid)

Brenton’s Watch (with grid)

If you were to explore the grounds nearby you would find an area in the bushes where horses are often tied and at the base of the watchtower are the marks in the sandy soil where the base of a ladder is evidently placed to climb into the tower. The ladder is easily spotted once inside the tower as it lies on the floor of the main level, just past the missing entry door. The tower is quietly abandoned, slowly working its way back into the ground…

Brenton's Watch (no grid)

Brenton’s Watch (no grid)

But in the basement of the tower there is a secret door, and behind that door a stairwell that leads down into a natural cave beneath the tower. This cave has been modified in some areas and fully renovated in others to produce a church-like atmosphere as well as support structures for a small cult of Ilhan the Binder. Congregants secretly gather here once a month, entering via the watchtower. Unknown to most congregants, the leader of the cult travels here herself via a different route the ends at a well-concealed small cave about 400 feet from the tower.


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