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A wonderful staple of science fiction of most genres is the secret asteroid base used by the pirates, a small military or para-military force, or the illegal raritanium-mining conglomerate.

Asteroid Base

Asteroid Base

This map presents such an environment, albeit drawn for those sci-fi games that also come with artificial gravity – so Star Wars and Traveller right off the bat. Built back from the landing bay designed for two small cutters or similar ships, the base consists of

  • a raised command area overlooking the landing bay,
  • three concealed weapon emplacements to fend off encroaching ships,
  • storage and warehousing for the ore / pirate booty (just behind the bay)
  • brig / prison for interlopers or high-value targets (right side, behind the warehousing)
  • quarters / barracks
  • entertainment & eating environments for the staff
  • power plant (upper right)
  • and three airlocks to the asteroid surface (one on this level beside the turrets, two reached by ladders up and down from the base to the surface above and below it)
Asteroid Base (no grid)

Asteroid Base (no grid)

The map was originally aimed at a scale of 1.5m per square but works a bit better (slightly less tight hallways) using a scale of 5′ per square.