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Last month I posted the first part of the Giant’s Halls. This map sits to the south of the first one and is a bit less multi-leveled. Again, this is a dungeon of massive hallways connected to smaller chambers and some immense ones. I’m thinking of this as a dwarven town in the Tolkien genre of massive halls of great height that span out into the depths and would look incredibly impressive lit by thousands of lanterns, but now sit dark and quiet, taken over by monsters more suited to the brobdingnagian avenues

The Giant's Hall (map 2)

The Giant’s Hall (map 2)

This portion of the map includes granaries (the circular chambers on the lower right) and cisterns to their south and a collection of dwarven “apartments” along the right-hand-edge.

There are two hallways set at a 45 degree angle to the rest in the dungeon, the smaller of which is actually sloped down to the two chambers it leads to. I really need to remember to draw in those slope arrows on my maps, I seem to keep forgetting them as I draw them.

The Giant's Halls (map 2, no grid)

The Giant’s Halls (map 2, no grid)

The map links to map 1 on the north side, the stairs to the left will lead to next month’s entry in this huge dungeon, and the halls to the right will link to the final map, which also links to the first map posted.



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