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I generally don’t go back into my old maps and add grids to them because I’m a bit of a perfectionist and without the 600-1200 dpi original scans on hand, it is very difficult to near impossible to line a grid up JUST RIGHT to make it mesh with the existing map.

But I got a request for a fairly recentish map that someone wanted a grid added to, and it didn’t seem to be too much of an imposition this time. (And by recentish, I mean I posted it to the blog… 21 months ago).

Dwarven Mines - with grid

Dwarven Mines – with grid

So here’s a version of the Dwarven Mines at 300 dpi with my now-standard grid overlay.

Here’s a quick description from the original post:

“Normally mines are far more extensive than these, but the majority of these mines were converted into more typical dwarven structures, leaving only the unobtainium mines on the northwest face of a large underground cave.

These mines are meant to be linked to another dwarven stronghold, perhaps part of the fallen dwarven fortress of Kuln (as hinted at in the Challenge of the Frog Idol).”

In the end, the grid didn’t quite fit just right (as can be seen by the far left end of the hallway where it cuts the grid short) but it was the best I could manage in fifteen minutes for this request.