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I don’t often work with colour, but my recent acquisition of a few coloured pens in the same style as my usual pens used for my maps made me want to try something with a LITTLE bit of colour as highlighting.

So when Christina Trani (who is one of the many awesome people supporting my cartography through my Patreon Campaign) was looking for advice on populating her dungeon, I couldn’t help but offer instead to take a try at redrawing it.

Christina's Caves (with grid)

Christina’s Caves (with grid)

A significantly more linear dungeon than most of my works, the dungeon is expected to be entered from the upper right and departed (to some horrible evil boss fight, no doubt) on the lower left after circumnavigating the pit of bubbling molten hot magma.

I want to make little airquotes around that word like Dr Evil. “Magma”

The caves are also home to a natural mineral-rich hotspring that is probably fed by the heat of the “magma” and then flows to the lower right. Obviously this hot spring should be strangely magical, or at least home to some odd treasure a la Dungeon of the Fire Opal from the AD&D1e DMG.

Christina's Caves (no grid)

Christina’s Caves (no grid)

We can also assume that there are vents in the ceiling of the magma chamber that allow the hot sulfurous gasses to escape the chamber without suffocating everyone who wanders through – this in turn produces a chimney like effect, drawing air rapidly down both entrance / exit passages from the map.