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The settlement known as Jando’s Arch (Hejmarko in the local tongue, a contraction of “Home on the Arch”) presents one of the more memorable vistas of any city in the realm. Built on a stone arch jutting into the Egret Sea, the combination of the natural stone arch and the waterfall where the short-lived Feino River enters the Egret Sea present a sensory experience that few cities can compete with.

Hejmarko - Jando's Arch

Hejmarko – Jando’s Arch

The biggest hindrance to the growth of Hejmarko is the very terrain that makes it so picturesque – the cliff faces make fishing a difficult endeavour, and the rocky terrain around the arch makes good crop-growing land a treasure in itself. The main dish of the Hejmarkans is lamb for the rich and mutton for the poor as their long-haired brown sheep work the scrub and short grasses of the area. Thus Hejmarko remains a small and very picturesque settlement with a few more inns than would be expected in a town of its size.

The main fortification at the tip of the arch is Jando’s Keep – an incomplete structure that was intended to have both an inner and outer bailey, but in the end is comprised of a single keep house and tower connected by a long hall. Protective fortifications at the edge of the settlement were deemed a higher priority than finishing the keep, and both the “Fall Keep” on the opposite side of the river and the city gates are better maintained than Jando’s Keep itself.

This map was drawn on a sheet of letter-sized paper with a pair of Sakura Micron pens – a 005 for most of the structures, roads and terrain, and a 03 for the terrain edge and fortifications. The sideview was sketched out quickly using a Sakura Micron 01 on the same page.


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