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Not all land masses sit comfortably on the ground. Some insist on picking up and floating away, doing their own things it would seem. Some of these have been wrangled by people with access to flying machines and mounts and in the cast of Lino’s Islands, several smaller islands were lashed together and built up.

Lino’s Islands are an almost idyllic pair of hilly islands with a small rocky flat-topped lump off to one side. The rocky island is home to Lino’s Keep, and the smaller almost spherical island is home to the wizard tower of Strephon the Magus. The larger landmass has an older ruined tower on a hill, and a few buildings to support the aerial docks that jut out from the most accessible bank of the island.

Lino's Islands

Lino’s Islands

This map was drawn with a Sakura Micron 005 based on a request by Lino Giusti for three floating islands. At the time I had just finished reading Skyrealms of Jorune and was immediately inspired to draw up something that I could use in a Skyrealms game.


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