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At the beginning of October I opened up “the Oak King” for the first time in over two years. The Oak King is a hand-made book with a lovely rough paper I was gifted for Christmas of 2012 and which contains a number of maps that I drew over the next few months. The paper, however, wasn’t conductive for use with my primary pens of the day, and also doesn’t work well with the fine markers I use now (Sakura Microns and Mitsubishi Uni-Pins – both bleed excessively on this paper).

Thus, the book was quietly retired until I considered using it for my Drawlloween work. In the end I didn’t use it for Drawlloween either, but when I went through it in December, I realized that it contained over a half-dozen maps that had never been scanned or posted to the blog.

Small Fort & Dungeon from the Oak King

Small Fort & Dungeon from the Oak King

The first of these is this small fortification and mandatory subterranean “dungeon” beneath it. Built into a hillside with entrances on two different levels because of the elevation change around the structure, it just “feels” like a lovely little guard post or fortification for a clanhouse of sheep-herders with delusions of grandeur.

Small Fort & Dungeon from the Oak King (no grid)

Small Fort & Dungeon from the Oak King (no grid)

There’s something about how the lines came out after the scanning and processing that makes this map “feel” awesome when I look at it at this scale. The original was obviously drawn without a grid, so the grid overlay on the top image is a little… rough and imprecise. In fact, I didn’t include the grid at all originally when I posted it as part of the monthly Backstage Pass to my patreon backers, but I got a few requests for a version with the grid, so this is as good as I can manage on short notice.


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