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Every year the benevolent Erik over at Tenkar’s Tavern runs the “12 Days of OSR Christmas”. This year the theme is slightly different, with those of us giving stuff away running our own giveaways instead of it all running through Erik’s site.

So, I’m giving away a pair of Dyson’s Delves I & II in print, shipped anywhere in the world (so don’t worry about the pesky US only rules that some of the 12 days are running under).


So here’s the deal. You want free books? I want cool stuff for everyone who reads the Dodecahedron. So, here’s how you get in line for free books:

  • Go through the blog, find a map that you like.
  • Post a link to the map in your comment to this post.
  • Include how you would use the map in question – something different than what I suggested on the blog. For many maps that’s easy because I didn’t provide much suggestion beyond a description of the layout, but some have nearly full encounters described for them – so give us something different.
  • You can also describe how you already used one of the maps on the blog in one of your games instead of how you would use one of the maps.
  • The entry doesn’t have to be long. Just a quick line or two is all that’s needed, but longer entries are cool too!
  • You can enter multiple times, but there’s a system of diminishing returns. 1 Entry = 1 chance to win. 3 Entries = 2 chances to win. 7 Entries = 3 chances to win.

Some time around midnight tonight (or possibly in the wee hours tomorrow morning before heading for work), I’ll tabulate the number of entries / chances to win, and then Jen will roll the appropriate die or dice to figure out who the winner is.

If the number of entries is something I can’t easily roll dice for, then we’ll pretend we are rolling on a classic D&D results table and the extra results are “Roll again, ignoring results of X or higher). So let’s say there are 55 entries, then it’s easy, a d11 and a d5 as the control die and we’ve got it… but if there are 57 entries then I guess I could figure out… screw it, roll a d60 and 58-59-60 is roll twice ignoring results of 58+.

So, let’s get this going! What map would you use in your game, and how would you use it?

Update! – One of the entrants, Chris Stieha (publisher / creator of RND zine) is refusing to win. So if his entry does win, then we’ll re-roll and the winner also gets a copy of his awesome zine! (I’ll actually be posting an article about RND issue 1 later this week).

(UPDATE: Winner selection has occurred and is in this post)