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Many small towns and hamlets have an old tree near their centre – a reminder of the transience of time and the seasons, and the ability of the community to continue and thrive through the ages.

Kubicka's Roots - with grid

Kubicka’s Roots – with grid

But when fell powers sneak into the village and corrupt the town, what better place than in the very roots of this symbol.

Kubicka’s Tree is a massive oak in front of the inn at the centre of town. But the tree is failing, growing strange rot that the locals are unable to cure and that no amount of pruning seems to stop. The tree is dying, rotting away. And the cause of this rot is deep beneath the tree.

The dark cult that has infiltrated the townfolk has found a source of power that they can tap into deep within Kubicka’s roots. Secret passages and narrow tunnels lead to the space beneath the tree where the roots of the massive oak nearly form a sphere around a dark altar sitting in a pool of greasy ichor. Sure signs of the evil and corruption here.

Kubicka's Roots - no grid

Kubicka’s Roots – no grid

Around the roots are dark and twisting passages cut into the earth by foul blind creatures that should never be so close to the surface world, drawn by the nurturing ooze that surrounds the altar. But slaying these beasts and destroying this little shrine to corruption will never be enough. Because this isn’t the cause of the evils in the town, it is but another symptom.