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I often get caught up in projects that I never finish. Sometimes I even let these projects take precedence over the stuff I love to do. While I was working on the Dyson Mega Delve around this time last year I stopped updating the “maps” page of the blog (since the Dyson Mega Delve maps would have taken over a chunk of that page at the time).

So finally I have gone back and started rebuilding the maps pages. The most important one, the master “Maps” page has finally been updated after a year of being neglected and now has 346 links to maps around the blog. They still are only sorted in chronological order, but instead of starting with the oldest maps and working down, down, down, down to the newest, I’ve finally reversed the order and will be adding new maps to the top of the page instead of the bottom (so it showcases my newer, better work now).

I’m hoping to add a few new map collection sub-pages in time, but for now we have the following pages. Some duplicate content from the Maps page, but not all (I attempted not to put links to maps with full adventures or to multi-page maps on the main maps page).

Hopefully I’ll update the two Geomorph pages next since there are many dozens of geomorphs on the blog that aren’t currently linked to from any of those pages above, and I stopped updating the Vertical Morphology page before the whole side view geomorph fad fully died out.