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Over the last two months I’ve posted two of the four maps of the Giant’s Halls. This third installment fits on the south side of the second map and is the main entrance to the halls.

The Giant's Halls (map 3)

The Giant’s Halls (map 3)

This map really shows the origin of the halls as a dwarven construction – with multiple passages and chambers that would be of annoyingly small size for giants. In my home campaigns the dwarves native to the setting are a race of giants who have shrunken over the generations since they abandoned their duties at the roots of the world. This helps explain their obsession with brobdingnagian architecture.

Most of the passages and bridges on this level are 20 feet wide, more than enough room for the new massive inhabitants of the dungeon.

The Giant's Halls (map 3, no grid)

The Giant’s Halls (map 3, no grid)

The western portion of the map are three sets of doors from the outside of the halls that then leading into the main chamber that is 30 feet below the entrance, overlooked by three massive statues of dwarven elders and four bridges that span across the lower area and then lead to the passages into the second map of the set.

Next month I’ll release the final map in the set, and probably retroactively release the whole set under the commercial license.


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