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Once again we had to the pages of the Oak King for a map I had drawn and then pretty much lost at the beginning of 2013. Inspired by Gus L.’s cartography over on his Dungeon of Signs blog, I started drawing small representations of the structures as I drew them. This was my first such attempt, I believe (I do this a lot more now, but still not as often as I should).

Little Tower of the Oak King

Little Tower of the Oak King

A little tower overlooking a small cliff, this is a pretty archetypal adventure location down to the ruined upper level of the tower and the small dungeon beneath. Built from the pale stones of the nearby cliffs, the structure stands out like a broken tooth or chunk of old ivory jammed into the red soil of the area.

Recently the home of hobgoblin raiders, the structure was cleared out by mercenary adventurers a few years ago. Now it is home to their henchmen and the few adventurers that aren’t out doing something “exciting” (never to be confused with “noble”). While the adventurers are less hostile to local trade and the local farmers, it turns out that a team of chaotic mercenary sorcerers and priests aren’t the best of neighbours. Farmers go missing, crops are destroyed or taken by force, and occasionally worse things come looking for them (including a recent rift torn from the palest of the Blue Hells so an insulted resident from that realm could attempt to extract retribution for insults received at the hands of these adventurers).

Perhaps the only way to get rid of them now is to fight fire with fire, and find some more adventurers. Hopefully of a more noble mien. Hopefully.


This map was drawn with a black gel pen on the rough faux-parchment of the Oak King’s pages in January of 2013 and has been lost, found, lost again, buried in deep piles of odd RPG supplements, dug up and scanned for your use.