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Sometimes we found things in the ground and began to dig for more. Other times we started to dig, and found things. This unassuming stairwell cut into the rocky earth by the Elder’s Grave has little around it – no piles of dirt or debris from extensive excavations to indicate much of interest.  But forty feet below, where the temperature settles to something basically cool and damp, the worked stone opens up to a massive cavern well over a hundred feet across and sunken a further 24 feet below the point of entry.

Oak King Excavations

Oak King Excavations

And of course someone has built shrines to things left unworshiped down here, in the further depths of this recess in the dark. Some portions of the caves around the central cavern have been worked and converted into their own structures where those who creep through the dark sleep and avoid the sun outside.

Like the other Oak King maps, this was drawn on faux parchment using a black 0.7mm gel pen.