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Ages past the settlement had been built along the banks of the small cold river that flowed from the dark holes in the mountain. But several decades ago the lands shook, stones fell from the mountain sides, and the river ceased to flow.

Kemp's Divide

Kemp’s Divide

Following the old river bed up into the heart of the mountain one comes to a cave where it is easy to see what happened. This is Kemp’s Divide, where a new cleft was torn into the mountain that rerouted the river into the depths below. Before the rending of the mountain, this was a tranquil underground lake fed by the river on one side and overflowing out along the southwest corner. The divide opened up the space and now bridges have been built over the divide to cross it.

A small guardpost was cut into the north side of the cavern when it was still a lake, used to monitor traffic along the slow flowing river. Today it has been matched by a second outpost in the caves to the southwest where a merchant family from the nearby settlement maintains their own guards and business interests, dealing with a select clan of troglodytes who transfer wares from other underworld craftsmen in exchange for foodstuffs and fine woods from the surface realms.

Kemp's Divide (no grid)

Kemp’s Divide (no grid)

Kemp’s divide makes for a good interface between the surface and underdark communities – a point of contact and trade between small communities and clans who in turn work with larger factions and can lead to the exploration of whichever realm the players are not currently familiar with.


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