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You all know how much I promote writing in RPG books right? Marginalia improves usability and collector value!

Chris Stieha is a man after my own heart. Check these out:


Those are the first two issues of RND zine from Thunder Bunny Press. They are meant to work as an adventure trigger – where what comes out of each zine will be different based on the DM who works through it.

Here’s an interior spread filled out by the inscrutable Eric Nieudan


The whole thing is just FUCKING BRILLIANT.

Really, there’s no reason to keep reading here, you should instead be picking it up from his website where he ships a print copy and gives you the PDF, or you can just pick up the PDF as a Pay What You Want product from RPGnow.

And here’s some more interior views – the first from Christopher Weeks, and the second from Eric Nieudan again: