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A massive temple, three ancient pyramids and some old ruins lie in the narrow zone between desert and jungle. A classic scene for any adventure. Sure, jungle / desert interfaces are a pretty fantastic setting to begin with – but all the more reason to explore them as perhaps some magic here is what keeps the jungle alive even as the sands encroach.

Ruined Pyramid Complex (with grid)

Ruined Pyramid Complex (with grid)

Every now and then I ask all my patrons at the $2.50 level and up (at the Dodecahedron Patreon Campaign) for ideas that they would like to see make it into maps. Not all the ideas make it in the end, but many of the maps being posted over the next two months are from exactly such a request.


Mark Gedak of Purple Duck Games posted that request above. He was trying to give me five different requests, but in the end I stuck them in the mixer and took the beater to it and we got pyramids, jungle ruins, desert ruins, and pillars. Pretty close to the whole thing!

Pyramid Complex Ruins

Pyramid Complex Ruins

The complex in question is always slightly off to those who would explore it. The dimensions are not quite symmetrical between the locations of the pyramids and the great temple, and the two lesser pyramids share the same rough dimensions but have different stairs and decorations. Finally, the shifting nature of the desert sands means that finding the ruins is not easy, and they seem to vary in location from visit to visit, with maps that once lead straight to them leading far enough astray that they cannot be sighted…


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