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On March 15th we broke through the second-last of the Dodecahedron Patreon milestones. I held off on announcing it right away because we see a fair amount of churn throughout the month, but here we are in the last days of the month and we’re not showing any signs of dipping back under the $400 line, but instead are $17 over the line.

So it is time… to RELEASE THE BACK CATALOG! (I am very sad – the Patreon interface doesn’t allow the use of the strikethrough code so I can’t put KRAKEN in there before BACK CATALOG without it just looking confusing).

Every month that starts at this funding level or above, I’ll release a list of a number maps that are not currently released under the free commercial license that I would be comfortable releasing at this point (I’ll be honest, some of my old maps will never make this list because they are embarrassingly amateurish). All patrons will be able to vote on this list during the month and the top map will be released at the beginning of the next month when I release the new list of maps to pick from.

Thanks everyone for the incredible support – you have changed everything about my cartography except for the very basics (that I draw them with pens on paper). We’ve got one more milestone left in the current campaign setup (Release the OTHER Kraken!), then I had better start working on ideas for a new set of milestones!

  • For more information about my Patreon Campaign and how you can contribute to the continued flow of free maps, head on over to the Patreon Campaign itself.
  • For more information about the free commercial map license used for some maps released through the blog every month, check out the Commercial Maps page.

(Art at the top of the page is a quick doodle drawn with a Sharpie marker superimposed on one of the maps that will likely show up on the polling lists for commercial release)